Jeff Bernstein
full-stack web developer
  1. Hello 👋
  2. My name is Jeff and I'm a web developer.
  3. I create full-stack JavaScript apps. Check out my past work below!
  4. I love working on side projects, reading, learning languages (I speak Japanese!), and traveling.
A simple cryptocurrency portfolio. Just enter your balances and the app will automatically import current price data. It also includes a watchlist feature to track the cryptocurrencies you're interested in.
A digital magazine about creativity in the world of cryptocurrency. Articles are posted to the Steem blockchain and fetched from the API to display on The Creative Crypto.
A simple Japanese dictionary that pulls in word data from an API. Includes word definitions along with stroke order diagrams for the characters in each word.
Build and enroll in free text-based courses. A simple and intuitive interface to build courses in markdown, enroll in them, and track your progress.